Friday, October 31, 2008


Do I follow my horoscope regularly? Well this week sure has been a fun one.
A little background- I am back at Wilbur's with a new position- Factory Supervisor. So I am in charge of what goes on and things getting done.
I am having trouble with 1 woman who has SEVERE OCD and is extremely anal about certain things. That makes her SLOWER than molasses and we can't be having that. I've tried being nice, I've tried explaining things. I'm done. I'm about to reach my boiling point and I need to not do that.
Its not MY factory, I just need to make it run smoothly and get product out.
I need to bring my concerns to the head honcho.
Breath in, Breath out...........

Monday- 10/27
You may be a bit jumpy today as Mercury forms a creative quintile with dark Pluto. There's no easy way to bring the intensity of your imagination right out into the open, but that won't likely stop you from trying. Keep in mind that you may ameliorate the tension but there's probably no magic word that will just make the serious issues disappear.

Tuesday 10/28
missed it- :(

Wednesday 10/29
Working harder isn't always the answer to being behind schedule, but today that extra little push can make all the difference in the world. Although you may have some resistance to accepting additional responsibilities now, this may be part of the package. Don't waste energy fighting it; just do what must be done.

Thursday 10/30
Continuing yesterday's theme of hard work may not sound like a lot of fun, yet your involvement can turn an impossible project into a success. Don't get distracted by any shortcuts, for they won't likely work for you now. Instead, focus on the details until the larger picture comes into clear focus. When it does, you'll know exactly what to do next.

Friday 10/31
Everything you do today is part of your grand scheme of things, however, if you are fiercely controlling you could run into a tough situation. Instead of spending energy trying to convince others to work for you, concentrate all your mind power on the most immediate goals and don't stop until you create a workable plan.

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